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Windermere Real Estate Co.

301 NE 100th St, Suite #200

Seattle, WA 98125

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Office: (206) 526-5544

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Website: http://www.tedallison.withwre.com/


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It is indeed the most fundamental question -- Why? No one can answer Why? for you, but as a Real Estate Agent in the context of buying or selling Real Estate I can assist you in finding your own answers. By listening you your concerns, your worries, and most importantly what gives you stress, I stay focused on helping you gather and review the information that leads to sound decisions. It is your home, your money, and your decision. My role is to provide the environment, both intellectually and emotionally, so that you can make clear decisions and achieve a stress reduced conclusion to the transfer of the deed and the money. It is a journey. Please consider allowing me to assist you with yours.

Real Estate Experience

I have been a North Seattle based Residential Real Estate Agent since 1989. My entire career has been with Windermere Real Estate and, although I review other companies from time to time, I continue to find that Windermere offers myself and my clients the best opportunity to achieve success. Over the years there have been so many great moments of Real Estate Success! A highlight? While very skilled and grounded in her professional carreer, Amy was bewildered at the process of acquiring her own home. We teamed up, found the home to fit her artistic needs, and in the driveway in the sunshine in front of her mother I dropped the keys in her hand saying, "These must be yours, because you are the owner!" A grand moment! Can we please share a similar moment when we achieve success together.


I grew up outside of Boston , Massachusetts and I took my hockey stick and my motorcycle off to Colby College in Maine. Upon graduation I went to Colorado where I spent seven winters as a professional ski patrolman. I then moved to Seattle where I became involved with sailboat racing and enjoyed a 15 year career as a professional ocean sailboat racer doing events like the Whitbred Around The World Sailboat Race (competed in three races) and the LA, California to Honolulu, Hawiai Race (three times) and California to Mexico Races (15 times). Raised two sons who are, I think, good citizens, have been with Carolyn now 40 years!, and continue to embrace this grand adventure called life. Life is good! A lot of people would trade their problems for mine!