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Windermere Real Estate Co.

301 NE 100th St, Suite #200

Seattle, WA 98125

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Commitment To My Clients

During over 35 years as a professional real estate agent, I have learned that the most important thing is to listen to my clients, and to deliver service that culminates in a successful purchase or sale. Since present day real estate is highly regulated, I value a client's trust to see that they are fully informed in the process, its pitfalls and its possibilities. Although sometimes real estate can move quite fast, we proceed at the rate that is comfortable for the client. This requires that I educate as to market conditions, realistic expectations, and preliminary action to "get all the ducks in a row." No buyer wants to lose a house they love due to lack of preparation, and no seller should have to "leave money on the table" because they had not put their best foot forward in house presentation. Some preparations are financial, while others are organization or plain hard work. I will help you best if you call me a bit in advance. If you are not already a close friend or acquaintance, advanced planning is valuable to build a trust relationship before your agent is bargaining for your best interests, when you are not present. My years of experience were built upon client trust.

Unique Problem-Solving Background

In the 15 years prior to my long real estate career, I was a research scientist and college teacher. I hold a PhD in animal behavior, with a focus on bird song. This provided discipline and problem-solving skills that I still use today to benefit my clients. I can identify the birds in your yard, and many of the plants, but mostly I protect you from the "animal behavior" that many real estate transactions display.

Hobbies and Interests

While these may be additional to your real estate goals, you will spend a lot of time with your agent. I hope to enrich your experience with my interests in nature and poetry. Purchase my poetry/philosophy book, Rules of the Universe, from or Barnes and Noble. Read about the book and my theory of how vertebrates control their movements (Robots, Bird Song and Dirty Dancing) at the website .