Everett Talvo

Residential/Condominiums Specialist


Windermere Real Estate Co.

301 NE 100th St, Suite #200

Seattle, WA 98125

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Meet Everett

There are very few brokers working in Seattle today who possess the knowledge base, expertise, and breadth of experience as Everett Talvo. Working as a Realtor in the Seattle area since 1992, he has seen many changes in our ever-evolving city, has a keen eye for market trends, and easily adapts to them whenever necessary.  

Everett will be your guide throughout the entire process; making it as stress-free as possible. He takes pride in educating his clients so that they can make informed decisions and reach their real estate goals. Having double majored in Psychology and Economics at University of Washington, problem solving comes easy to Everett. His mission is to be the advocate you need to navigate the competitive market landscape of Seattle.